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Insurance Claim:
Notification to an insurance company requesting payment of an amount due under the terms of the policy.

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    Insurance News

    Husband loses insurance dispute over wife's death
    May 17 ::

    A man whose wife’s life insurance policy was revoked after a superannuation death benefit clause change has lost his dispute.

    Legislation that started in March 2019 would have ceased... read more

    Insurance that pays out as soon as extreme weather hits sounds appealing
    May 08 ::

    Australians could soon see a new type of insurance that would pay out as soon as extreme weather hits.

    Many victims of last month's floods in Australia had no insurance whatsoever,... read more

    Insurance Articles

    DIY Review Checklist for your Income Protection Insurance DIY Review Checklist for your Income Protection Insurance
    If you have an income protection insurance plan already - or are thinking about buying one, then you need to be aware that these policies require regular maintenance and careful scrutiny to ensure that they adequately meet your needs. Unfortunately, many people purchase income protection insurance policies only to find out about their shortcomings at claim time. - read more
    Who Needs Disability Insurance? Who Needs Disability Insurance?
    If you are like most people on this planet, you are not financially free. You would not be able to stop working and still support yourself and your family from your financial resources. Your continued ability to work in order to earn an income would therefore be one of your greatest assets. - read more


    Professional Indemnity Australia :: Articles

    Types of Insurance Policies Every Business Owner Should Consider

    Types of Insurance Policies Every Business Owner Should Consider

    Protecting business investment with insurance is a critical part of every sensible business owner's business plan.
    Insurance protects businesses from unexpected financial risks due to natural disasters, accidents, liabilities and losses, which may run in to thousands.
    Protecting business investment with insurance is a critical part of every sensible business owner's business plan. Insurance protects businesses from unexpected financial risks due to natural disasters, accidents, liabilities and losses, which may run in to thousands.
    Here are some insurance policies every business owner should consider to protect his investment as well as to ensure smooth running of his business.

    Liability insurance

    Business liability insurance covers the compensations and legal hassles resulted from the accidents, injuries, damage and loss caused by the business to third parties. There are three major types of liability insurance:
    1. Public liability insurance
      Business Insurance Renewal Due?
      If you are in the process of renewing your business, public liability or professional indemnity insurance ... whether it be a professional, trade, manufacturing or retail business ... we can show you a quick way through the maze of offers and options available on the market. Our Australia-wide broker panel will ensure that you get the best cover for your specific needs - and at the right price to suit your budget.

      Public liability insurance protects your business against financial risk of being found liable for death, injury, loss or damage of property caused to the third party due to your negligence.
      For example, if a customer slips and falls due to wet floor at your business premises and gets injured, he may sue you and claim for compensation.
      Public liability insurance helps you during this kind of situations by taking care of legal and medical costs.
    2. Product liability insurance

      If your business involves in manufacturing, selling, or supplying goods, you should consider product liability insurance.
      It protects your business against financial loss as result of defective product that causes injury or bodily harm to the customer.
    3. Employers' liability insurance

      As a business owner, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work.
      An employee being injured while on the job, can file a compensation claiming that he should be given medical help and wage replacement while in recovery.
      This insurance protects you from the liabilities arising from disease, fatality, or injury to employees resulting from workplace conditions or practices.

    Professional indemnity insurance

    Professional indemnity insurance is a special type of liability coverage for professionals like accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, insurance brokers and financial advisers.
    In case of any faulty advice/service rendered by these professionals that causes damage to the client, the professionals are legally liable to pay compensation, if the client sues them. Having this particular policy, can help you face these legalities as well as the monetary claims.
    For example, a patient may sue a physician for faulty diagnosis or improper treatment.

    Business assets insurance

    Business assets insurance covers the business assets such as buildings, premises, equipment, vehicles, stocks, and contents against losses arising from theft, fire, flood, natural disasters or other damages.
    It provides financial assistance to rebuild or repair business property so that operations continue with as little disruption as possible.

    Business interruption insurance

    Your business operations may be interrupted due to sudden damage caused by natural disasters or any other accidents.
    As it takes time to restore your business operations and generate profits, having business interruption insurance will offer cover for the loss of income, continuing fixed costs and other expenses associated with closure of your business.

    Personal insurance

    As a business owner, you should take a personal insurance policy as you are the key person in the business.
    Personal insurance policy covers you against the risk of death, injury, accident or illness.
    It provides income replacement, creates liquidity to pay-off debts and estate taxes on behalf of you.
    Having known the different types of insurance policies and their benefits, you can either opt for selected policies or a comprehensive business insurance cover, which is customized as per your business needs. Select an appropriate insurance coverage and protect your business.
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    Insuring your most valuable asset
    While many people would consider their home or their car to be their most valuable asset, it's your ability to earn an income that is most important in shaping your financial future. Statistically, two thirds of working Australians will suffer an injury or illness that will sideline them for 90 days or more. The majority of these people would not be able to pay their mortgage or meet car finance and other loan commitments without adequate income insurance.

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